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Fort Wayne, IN

Friday June 12  12PM -  9PM

Saturday June 13  9AM -  10PM
Sunday June 14  10AM - 5PM

About DralaCon

In March of 2018, the idea of DralaCon came about when a few friends playing a campaign of D&D 5e over the Discord platform made a joke about playing together in person.  This was quickly taken from joke to event and the first ever get together of the Nerd Asylum was held in July of 2018 in Ohio.

Proving to be a successful gathering of friends and D&D enthusiasts, the idea behind DralaCon continued to evolve and grow from it’s original concept. Over the next few months, it became clear that the next step would be to gather a larger group of people who share their passion and love for the role-playing hobby.

In December of 2018, Joseph Timmis relocated DralaCon to downtown Fort Wayne, IN and It’s now being held at the beautiful Grand Wayne Convention Center. The event focuses on bringing together anyone who wishes to be educated and entertained by what we do in the tabletop gaming industry. Fun!

DralaCon features tabletop (board, card, and role-playing) gaming while including the creators, authors, and communities behind them. You can attend and play at reserved tables, watch live shows, participate in Q&A panels and workshops, come dressed as your favorite character, or get involved in open gaming. Mingle with industry guests and other gamers that appreciate similar interests, ranging from games like D&D to Star Wars, and Tales From the Loop to Call of Cthulhu, or Heroscape to Magic the Gathering.   

DralaCon is a family-friendly gaming convention; A place where you can shop exhibitors and artists, cosplay, play hobby games all day long, attend seminars, and meet and mingle with other nerds who have a shared interest in nerdy things.  DralaCon welcomes all, and we invite you to Nerd Out with Us!

DralaCon, at its soul, is an all inclusive community gaming event that wants to give back, all while having some FUN. The event creates a unique network of community gaming opportunities, a place where you can make new friends and see old friends alike.  It's a gateway for discovering a world of creativity, that maybe you didn’t even know existed. We would hope to see you at DralaCon for our next adventure in gaming.

Come nerd out with us!


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June 12 - 14 2020

Grand Wayne Convention Center

120 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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