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Want to Host an event at Dralacon?

Are you interested in running a game at DralaCon, but you're not sure where to begin? Here is some basic information to help you through the process.

Some Ground Rules

Almost anyone can run a game table at DralaCon. We will even have open tables where free play will be available. So why reserve a table? Open tables are limited space and are first come first serve. Reserving a table guarantees you a spot and time to run a game. We do not charge you for the space you reserve. In fact, All GMs that are approved and reserve a table are gifted a free single day or weekend pass (depending on how many events they host) for their participation. You can have as many Co-DMs as you wish at your table, but only one free pass per event will be granted.

Your players and anyone else at your table, will be required to purchase either a one day or weekend pass in order to attend DralaCon, but no additional tickets are required to play or watch at the tables. All Events within Dralacon are included in the price of admission.

Every event at DralaCon that is not at an open (non reserved) table must be submitted using our online system. You must reserve the table for at least 2 hours. We will review it, approve it and/or send it back for correction, and then give it a location. You can then recruit players to fill your table. Your players will need to have an admission ticket to attend DralaCon, but you do not need to worry about ticketing for your table.

That's it really, in a general sense.  That is the basic idea: anyone can submit events, your players buy tickets, you run your reserved table.

Your Responsibilities


You must read the Event Host Policy and the Code of Conduct.

These two agreements explain just about all the rules and regulations you need to be aware of while hosting a game table at DralaCon.

Not everything applies to every event, but it is important to go through it. If you have any questions or are confused at all after familiarizing yourself with it, just Contact US and feel free to ask for clarification.

You (and only you) are responsible for your events.

It's up to you to make sure that your event is accurate and correct, and you are expected to check on your event to make sure everything is good.

At the very least, you should check your event after submitting it, before event registration begins and before the convention as one final check.

If you have any questions at all, email us. Do not assume that we got your message or things are just going slowly. It's better to follow up than to have something slip through the cracks.

Submit your Event

Once you've got an idea fleshed out of what you want to run, the next thing to do is actually submit it so we can review it. 

When submitting your event, keep in mind that your event listing is often the only chance you have to attract players, so be as exciting and dynamic as possible. And no, typing in all caps does not automatically make something exciting.

Your title and description should be clear and concise, giving potential players a hook to attract their attention and a reasonable description of what to expect. Avoid duplicating information found in any other fields (such as the Game System, that has its own field) if at all possible.

Once you have filled out your event details, we will review your event and then find a location for it before we make it Active so everyone can see it.

You should get an email notification whenever your event is changed or approved, but just in case you should make sure to check back in every now and then to confirm its status.

DralaCon may need to make changes to your event when we review and/or place it. Usually these edits are for the sake of clarity. We may also cut down on the maximum number of players you requested. This is usually because we simply don't have enough space for that many players.

If you ever have any questions or dispute any change to your event, just let us know. We're more than happy to go over it with you. Maybe you have better data than we do or we misunderstood what you were trying to say, we're not always 100% right.

Running Your Event


When you actually go to run your event, remember three things:

First, the help desk is there to make your job easier. Check in with them to let them know that you're there and are ready to run and let them know if you have any problems. If someone is at your table or you can't find your space, don't worry about solving it yourself, and don't just move your game to another table, check in with the help desk and let them handle it.

Second, please don't forget that everyone at the table will need to have a valid badge to get into the convention but do not require a ticket to participate at your table. No one wants to have to stop your game to check.
You will need to either provide the appropriate materials, or let your players know what to bring with you. Vendors will be on site for purchasing materials, but there will be no loaner materials available.

Finally, you should run your event as you submitted it. That means running with the rules, setting, scenario, location, time, etc. as described. If your players are willing, you can make some adjustments, but they probably signed up for your game because they wanted to play what you actually listed and changing it too dramatically can very easily frustrate your players and ruin their fun. Don't change anything without their OK.

 After the Game


Make sure to take with you any books, equipment, accessories, and trash from the table when you have finished. There will be a lost and found, but DralaCon will not be responsible for any lost items. Please be sure to keep all materials you brought with you on your person.

And that's about all. Now you can start planning your events and get the jump on submission and location assignment!

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